Welcome Message

Welcome Message from President of Chung-Ang University

I am very delighted to welcome all of you to the 14th QS-APPLE Conference in Seoul, our historic capital that reflects the past, present and future of Korea.

The reputation and importance of the QS-APPLE Conference is growing every year, as it is one of the largest and most recognized global education conferences in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. The conference this year will focus on “Future universities in the Asia-Pacific: the changing face of higher education“. Chung-Ang University, as a co-host partner of the 14th QS-APPLE Conference, will make every effort to host a successful event.

As we approach our centennial anniversary in 2018, Chung-Ang University is continually striving towards becoming a globally recognized institution. However, the leap to a globalized university does not simply mean climbing through the ranks of other universities. As a globalized university we bear the responsibility to contribute to the solution of manmade global issues, such as global warming, industrial development using AI and renewable energy, through higher education and research. “VUCA which stands for (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)”, a terminology which represents the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is no longer an unfamiliar term. A university under such era must push the envelope on developing its methods on teaching, training and research. By developing a new educational system, we seek to cultivate students who possess potentials beyond the boundary of science and technology but in creativity as well. In addition, we seek to switch the direction of our research toward benefiting the future of humankind and the world.

For the last decade, we, in the higher education sector, have been making every effort for the globalization of universities through multilateral and bilateral cooperation with one another. Without a doubt, there have been great achievements in the globalization of universities. Compared to the Universities in The West, Asian Universities have achieved remarkable growth especially in internationalization in a short amount of time. However, it is time for us to have a retrospective view on the path we have been on, and cautiously consider how the new chapter of the globalization of university should be taken. I strongly believe that the development of our new method of education and research must be assessed with careful regard in collaboration models with universities around the world. I am confident that the 14th QS-APPLE Conference in Seoul will be the new chapter of collaboration models decorated with fresh ideas, and visions.

I wish for a successful 14th QS-APPLE Conference, and that it brings great benefits to your respected institutions.

With best regards,

Dr. Kim, Chang Soo
Chung-Ang University