About Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University is a private institution comprised of 13 undergraduate colleges and 16 graduateschools between two campuses located in Seoul and Anseong, Korea.CAU awards over 200 Doctoral, 1,700 masters’ and 5,200 bachelor’s degree every year.

Since its establishment in 1918, CAU has persevered through obstacles that have led to Korea’s modern-day history, upholding its ideal of “Truth and Justice”. CAU has taken a leading role in nurturing the intellectuals of the nation by providing quality education andspeeding up the pace of innovation in local education.

With a long history and deep tradition, CAU is the first university in South Korea to open a College of Medicine, College of Business, Department of Advertising and Public Relations. First to have university broadcasting and university newspaper in South Korea.Fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of Korea, CAU offers a wide range of Bachelor’s, master’sand doctoral programs including:law school, medical school andglobal MBA programs.CAU is recognized as best in the nation in the fields of pharmacy, culture and art education. The university’s culture and art-related programs stand in the center of the Korean pop culture wave that is swiping through Asia and beyond.

The quality of CAU’s education has been also recognized by following the named institutions. The CAU business school has acquired AACSB, and the Engineering fields have ABEEK accreditation. CAU Department of International Logistics ranks 7th in Shipping Research published by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently. This depicts why CAU’s acceptance rate is high (about 5%) due to its high popularity with Korean High school students.

The CAU Creative Studio conducts start-up training in cooperation with global companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and YouTube, which provide in-house training opportunities.The Yozma Start-up Campus, which pursues both education and entrepreneurship, provides opportunities for students to utilize global networks and practical assistance for those who want to start their own companies. In the era of 4th industrial revolution, CAU puts more effort into the software education by establishing School of Software under College of ICT Engineering, which requires all CAU student to take courses related to software program.

Through its initiative to increase globalization and strengthen international ties, Chung-Ang University has over 500 partner universities from 64 countries and 6 continents across the globe. Furthermore, we exchange more than 1,200 students annually with partner universities.

CAU strives to fulfill international students’ academic needs and give them a chance to engage in Korean related studies. Students are also offered a rich cultural experience and opportunities for advancement through on-campus jobs and internships with other companies.