About Kyushu University

Kyushu University as a Premier Research Institution

Kyushu University is widely regarded to be one of Japan’s foremost research universities. Originally founded in 1911 as one of the seven imperial universities, it has since nurtured countless educators, researchers, and medical practitioners who have made positive contributions to society in Japan and beyond.

Comprehensive in its scope, Kyushu University has 12 undergraduate and 18 graduate schools, in addition to the university hospital and a handful of world-class research centers. With a total enrollment of over 19,000 students, it now hosts talented students and eminent researchers from over 100 countries around the globe.

As a leading comprehensive research university, Kyushu University boasts strengths across a range of disciplines, from medicine, engineering and the natural sciences to the social sciences and humanities. In recent years, areas of particular research success have included carbon-free energy, archeology, mineral and mining engineering, bioregulation, and cyber-security.

Kyushu as the Crossroads of Civilizations

The appeal of Kyushu University is inseparable from its locale. Kyushu is the third biggest island in the Japanese archipelago. The beauty of its landscape, the robustness of its economy, and the warmth of its people are among the factors that make Kyushu such an alluring option for those who take quality of life seriously.

Kyushu has always played a crucial role in Japan’s historical development. It lies at the root of everything uniquely Japanese. Due to its geographical proximity to Asia and to the fact that one of its active ports was given by the then-Shogunate government the exclusive right to engage in business transactions with the West, Kyushu has long been the channel through which different cultures flowed into the country and things Japanese spilled out. Kyushu University is a torch bearer to this grand tradition while at the same time taking upon itself the further obligation to lead innovative research and social and educational activities to contribute to the welfare of mankind as a whole.

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