Welcome Messages


Greetings from Taiwan!

In representing China Medical University and Asia University, it gives me great pleasure inviting you all to the 13th QS-APPLE conference co-hosted by China Medical University and Asia University. This year, the conference will take place in the beautiful Splendor Hotel from November 22-24th. Throughout the conference, you will get the chance to see and experience the most advance education and cultural scenery of both institutions. I have no doubt that you will have a great time here.

China Medical University (CMU) is the first university in our nation to integrate Chinese medicine and western medicine in medical educations. This innovative educational practice firmly established our leading role in the research, teaching and practice of medicine on the global scene. CMU also has the second largest healthcare system which still grows in an impressable speed. Under the stunning leadership of Chancellor Lee, there is no doubt that CMU will be one of the world’s leading force in medical education.

Asia University (AU) is a relatively new university with quite a few world breaking records already. Through founding Asia University, my goal is to best equip our future generations to succeed in this fast changing world. With the empowering leadership of President Tsai, AU has quickly become a whole rounded institution achieving great levels of international recognition.

With China Medical University and Asia University co-hosting the 13th QS-APPLE, you will get the unique opportunity to tour the Asia University Museum of Modern Art as well as the advance medical scenes at China Medical University Hospital. Throughout the conference, you will be challenged, inspired and equipped with the best practices in higher education among Asia and the rest of the world. I look forward to seeing you at the 13th QS-APPLE and on our campuses this November!

Chang-Hai Tsai M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board of Trustee
China Medical University and Healthcare System
Founder of Asia University


Welcome to the 13th QS-APPLE conference in Taichung, Taiwan.

Asia University is very honoured to welcome you to the 13th QS-APPLE Conference which will be held in Taichung City, Taiwan on 22-24 November 2017. The conference for this year will focus on New Directions in Asia-Pacific Higher Education, covering a large spectrum of issues and challenges relating to this theme.

Asia University is rich in innovation and vibrancy and is proud to be one of the fastest growing universities in Taiwan. With the recognition of several international university rankings, Asia University continually strives to serve as a leading educational institute in Taiwan. Throughout the past 16 years, the school has developed an exceptional teaching faculty, top-notch research centers, up-to-date facilities, and an inviting and artistic campus. We aim to support the talents of the new generation and root the nation’s competitiveness by developing professionals with problem solving skills, critical thinking and practical experience in industry.

Aside from providing students with some of the best educational opportunities, we have also sought to create an outstanding artistic campus. Tadao Ando, one of the world’s top architects, was invited to design the Asia University Museum of Modern Art, in order to realise our goal of building a diverse and excellent cultural environment. We are delighted to welcome the guests of the conference to join us in enjoying a banquet in the outdoor space of the museum.

It is also with great joy that the Asia University Hospital started operation in August 2016. Our investment in long-term care aims to provide the public with more comprehensive medical care. Looking to the future, we will combine professional knowledge in education, medical services, information, technology, design and management to establish a comprehensive industry and academia network.

Given the milestones we have achieved, it is excellent timing for us to cohost the event. We believe by bringing together educators, administrators and researchers from across the globe, the 13th QS-APPLE Conference provides a wonderful opportunity to foster innovative opportunities for higher education excellence.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the QS-Apple Conference.

With best wishes

Professor Jeffrey J. P. Tsai
President of Asia University


Welcome to the 13th QS-APPLE conference in Taichung City, Taiwan!

China Medical University (CMU) is delighted to be co-hosting the 13th QS-APPLE Conference with Asia University in Taichung City, Taiwan on November 22-24, 2017.

The annual QS-APPLE conference provides educator, administrator and researcher around a unique opportunity to gather, discuss and develop new ideas and best practices in higher education among Asia-Pacific. The conference will be focusing on a variety of topics on international education and research. We will have the fortune of hosting this conference at the beautiful Splendor Hotel, and we will even have an opportunity to see the Asia Museum of Modern Art at Asia University.

For over half a century, China Medical University has been making great development in the education and research front of Chinese and western medicine in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific. In the recent years, CMU has been ranked among top universities in the country and globally in multiple world rankings. With our newly developed partnership with Asia University, we can’t think of a better time for us to host this incredible conference with top educators and administers from around the world.

With extreme honor, I would like to invite you to the 13th QS-APPLE Conference in Taichung City, Taiwan. Located in the heart of Taiwan, we are at great advantage to see the great natures and cultural insights of this beautiful nation. I highly recommend that you plan a trip to see the Sun Moon Lake, Gaomei Wetlands, Lukang Township, and the world famous night markets in Taiwan.

I look forward to seeing you in Taichung City!

Yours sincerely,

Wen-Hwa Lee, PhD
Chancellor, China Medical University
Academician, Academia Sinica