About Asia University

Asia University (AU) is a visionary, pioneering, and fast growing school, founded with the goal of establishing a remarkable and comprehensive university that is internationally competitive. Karl Jaspers, a German philosopher, believed that an ideal university must have three features-academic teaching, scientific c research, and a creative cultural life and those are the very goals we have been pursuing since the establishment of the school. In terms of academic teaching, AU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Currently, there are 6 colleges, 28 departments, 20 master programs, and 6 doctoral programs. In the past 16 years, AU has demonstrated excellence in academic performance, and was ranked as the first in many higher education evaluations conducted by the MOE. It was not only evaluated as the best among newly established universities in Taiwan, but has also been recognized by the MOE for 12 consecutive years in the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities. Meanwhile, AU has earned an international reputation in several world university rankings. For example, in the Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2014, AU was ranked 53rd among the top 100 universities. Furthermore, AU came 99th in the 100 best universities under 50 years in the world, and was placed 93rd among the top 100 universities in Asia in the Asia University Rankings 2015. To improve the quantity and quality of research, AU has established research centers in each college such as the Food Safety and Inspection Center, the T-DNA Tagged Rice Service Center, the Internet Addiction Prevention Center, and the Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Research Center in the College of Medical and Health Science. AU also has the Center for Semantic Biomedical Computing, 3D Printing Medical Research Institute, the Semiconductor Laboratory, and the Center for Big Data Biomedical Informatics in the College of Information and Electrical Engineering.

As a comprehensive university, AU also focuses on creating an aesthetic campus and cultural atmosphere. Asia University created a space for teaching, research, and the creative arts by inviting the world-renowned architect, Tadao Ando, to design the Asia University’s Museum of Modern Art, which was officially opened in 2013. A must-see sight in central Taiwan, the museum is a venue for world-class exhibitions and an interactive space for local and foreign artists, and has taken on a leading role in the cultural and creative industry in Taiwan. In addition, we encourage students to submit their work to international design competitions and invention fairs. For instance, our students have won 11 Best-of-the-Best and 41 Red Dot Awards, 3 iF Awards, 2 G-Mark International Design Awards, plus 92 gold, 107 silver and 78 bronze medals, 31 Special Awards, 1 Semi-grand Prize, and 2 Best Invention Overseas in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Concours Lepine Exhibition of Inventions, Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition, Brussels Innova International Invention Exhibition, and Seoul International Invention Fair. Asia University’s Museum of Modern Art is a milestone for AU, and in accordance with the university motto–Health, Caring, Innovation, and Excellence – we are devoted to strengthening humanities, care and social services by building an affiliated hospital. We see ourselves as taking on the dual roles of being both a health provider for the local community, and a gateway to knowledge for students. We believe that the extraordinary journey we have been through will expand our vision, and help us to build a remarkable and comprehensive university with international competitiveness.