Parallel Sessions

The mission of the QS-APPLE conference is to build world-class universities for regional communities through global partnership and collaboration. Our conference programme reflects our vision of supporting the internationalisation of Asia-Pacific universities by providing valuable opportunities for networking, exchanging best practice, and discussing recent developments in higher education in this dynamic region. Therefore, papers will ideally present a discussion of innovations in the practice of international education, through case studies or empirical analysis, for example, that will help conference participants further develop their own institution's practice in the area.

Please note that all speaking slots have been taken. Nevertheless, if you would like to speak at the conference, you could still email Ms Ashley Wong at ashley@qs-asia.com to reserve a slot for your paper in case some speaking slots are reopened during the next few weeks.

Below is the proposed 2016 program of tracks and topics that gives a glimpse of what to expect during the higher education conference.

Tracks and Topics

Track 1 – The Global Student
  1. Best practice in recruiting and supporting international students
  2. International summer schools: new directions in short-term international student mobility
  3. New initiatives to promote student mobility
  4. Managing an international office
  5. Panel discussion: international students share their experience of studying in Malaysia
Track 2 – The Global Citizen
  1. Internationalisation at home: building a globalised curriculum for the 21st century
  2. The role of language training in creating global citizens
  3. Using international internships to enhance graduate employability
  4. Best practices in dual and joint degrees
  5. Panel discussion: multinational employers share their experiences of employing graduates
Track 3 – The Global University
  1. Recruiting and retaining international faculty
  2. Strategic planning in higher education
  3. Using international accreditation to enhance quality
  4. The role of world university rankings in building world-class universities
  5. Using international branch campus to build global universities
  6. Reaching a global student body through MOOCs
Track 4 – The Global Higher Education Market
  1. Global trends in student mobility
  2. Developments in transnational education
  3. National strategies to create world-class universities
  4. Developments in national higher education policies on international student recruitment
  5. The role of the private sector in providing higher education
Track 5 – Focus on ASEAN Higher Education : Proudly sponsored by Management & Science University (MSU)
  1. Developments in ASEAN higher education
  2. Country studies of higher education in the ASEAN region
  3. Student mobility in ASEAN
  4. Higher education policy in ASEAN